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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Money Saving in the Cherry Budget Household

After our shock horror financial situation I had hundred's of messages offering very helpful tips & advice, so thank you to each & every reader, & the hundreds of members on my Facebook group, I haven't had chance to thank every one of you individually but I am still reading messages today & still collecting lots of advice & tips. Here are some of the things I have done so far.

  • Contacted Citizens Advice Bureau, they told me to try again with tax credits.
  • Contacted Tax Credits regarding working &/or Child tax credits who are opening a new Claim & have said to hope for the best, according to the person on the phone it doesn't look as though we are entitled to help, but I can put a counter claim in to fight it
  • Scraped together all the pennies we have & have somehow managed to pay the water rates bill of £133, contacted them to arrange an easier payment solution of £30 per month so we aren't hit with a big bill every quarter. 
  • Stopped using the tumble dryer unless its to finish something off, & even then its after 12.30am when the cheaper rates go into place. We have used it once this week.
  • Do as much washing as I can after 12.30am
  • Limit toilet flushing, yep it is amazing how much you can save, I got the tip from Skint Dad's blog. When we have the spare cash I will be looking in to the Hippo7, our water supplier doesn't supply them, but I do think its worth the money to save in the long run.
  • Cut down on vacuuming, particularly upstairs, we don't get visitors, close the door & forget about the floor until the weekend.
  • Contacted TV Licencing, I got a tip to say that if you watch NO live TV & are not recording live TV you shouldn't have to pay a licence, I contacted TV Licencing & had this confirmed, we watch NO TV at all, we don't get coverage on freeview very well, don't own a sky or virgin box, don't have a recordable DVD player, for two years we have managed by watching things on netflix, Lovefilm & catchup apps VIA the playstation, I cancelled my direct debit for this after contacting them, but for your own peace of mind please contact them before deciding to cancel your own direct debit.
  • I cancelled any other unnecessary direct debits I had & had forgotten about, or not had use of. 
  • British Gas are looking into the electricity consumption.
  • Reduced the monthly D/D to British Gas for Gas, we are £165 in credit & only used (according to my app) £49 in gas so far this quarter, I was paying £75 per month, reduced that down to £65 per month & turned all the heating off for most of the day, it's off of an evening, knocked on in the morning for an hour or two, then on again an hour or two of an evening, its been off all day today as no toddler to heat up. 
  • Not stepped foot in a shop, not bought any food, we have lived off what we have, a trip will be needed tomorrow for bread & milk though.  
  • The landing & bathroom is being lit up with a beautiful candle holder my mom bought us last month (perfect timing), & other several candles I have lying around (note: put candles in a glass jar or holder to prevent the wax melting onto your surfaces, it also lets out more light) , scented tarts & candles are being used up which has saved on going to the shop for oust or any other air freshener type sprays. 
  • Designated a change mug for any cash we have that we may be able to spare so we can use for emergency top ups in electric, bread, milk, etc
  • Told friends we can't go to any Christmas parties, birthday parties or social events.
  • Signed up to swagbucks, which has been seen on 20-30 mins a day of surveys or watching videos, some of the ladies on the group have claimed up to £25 in Amazon vouchers just this week! Here is my referral link for anyone that would like to join, feel free to use it, of course you don't have to use my link if you would prefer not to.
  • Not one to turn away the chance of earning a few extra pence a day I have signed upto & agreed to have the use of adds on my blog, every penny helps right?! 
I should add, I didn't post that blog post for pitty, it was through anger more than anything, I am glad I did though as the advice received has been a massive help.

Thanks again all! x