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About me

I am Claire, 26, a full time mommy with a part time day job & a full time company to run, I am a cook, cleaner, nurse, unmarried wife, family shopper, bill payer, teacher, main decision maker, crafter, reader, story teller, wiper upper, potty trainer, poo picker upper, advice giver etc etc etc All in all I am one busy Momma indeed.

I live with my boys Ben - 30, Evan -  3 (going on 13), Bruce & Burg our cats, & Barney & Danny (our very loud very naughty beagles).

You'll notice I said "full time mommy" & then "part time day job", I don't believe you are anything but a full time mommy regardless of work, after all who are you working for? Your kids, who do you talk about with your work colleagues? Your kids, What do you do when your feeling a bit shitty & tired at work? Watch videos & look at photos of your kids. I do anyway, that boy is on my mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I live, breath, eat & sleep that little threenager, & when his at his nanny's once a week I potter about in his bedroom to feel close to him. He exhausts me, they all do! The Love I feel for my family is pretty close to pain. They are why I work so hard.

My part time day job I work as a credit controller for a fairly small firm, its a great job surrounded by great people, I have always preferred the smaller firms as I like to be treated as a person, not a number on a pay roll. 
My full time business is Cherry Tree Vinyls, I craft keepsakes from Vinyl, these include family trees, fancy love hearts with names in & lots of other fancy bits for your home. It's the most time consuming thing I have done in my life, but I love it, & most of my customers do too. My books are closed for 2013 they have been closed since September, which is why we are living on the breadline. I am not going to pass up on the opportunity however to make some sales for next year ;) so here is a link to my shop for anyone that would like to look or buy.

I set up this blog initially to stick to a strict budget of just £25 per week, however since starting the blog we have had a bit of a shock in the finance department so it's kind of turned into a blog about being skint, making do, & survival of the fittest, doing our best to get the bills paid, keeping bailiffs away & most importantly not going hungry, at the same time I want to help anyone who may be struggling or just looking to cut down in one department or the other. 

So here are my aims at the moment - Just three little bullet points, except they aren't little for us.
  • Make sure we don't go hungry
  • Pay Bills
  • Cut down on EVERYTHING, because lets face it, everything costs money, having a cheap night in with a fakeaway is costing you money, your paying for your ingrediants, your paying to cook your food, your paying to light up your kitchen whilst you cook your food, your paying to watch a film on netflix on the tv that you paid £500 for off the playstation that you paid £300 for, sitting on the sofa that you paid £1000 for, everything costs (except our sofa was free from freecycle, that was just a generalisation). If we don't absolutely 100% NEED it, it quite simply is not being bought. 
Future Goals - Massive lifestyle changes cost the most amount of money, in the situation we are in now I simply cannot see any of this happening, I wish I could but at the moment they are just a pipe dream & that saddens me. I will put them here though
  • Get on the property ladder
  • Lose weight - this has already started happening with the pressures of the first bullet points
  • Have another baby (or two)
  • Get married
  • Expand my business 
  • Get passports
  • Take child or future children to Florida 
  • Own an Avery
  • Get VW campervan in top tip condition - Preferably before wedding so I can use if for my bridesmaids & I.
  • Open up a Beagle & cat sanctuary
  • Start going camping again (I really miss that) 
So that's it, a little bit about moi there is loads more & I guess I should tell you hobbies & interest's but to be honest I simply don't have the time for hobbies any more, I am an avid reader or at least I was, I have book cases full of books I cant bare to part with, the most I get to do these days is take them out, polish them give them a good sniff, rub of the old cover & back in the bookcases they go! Poor books.

I hope you'll follow us in this journey of whatever it may be, maybe one week I'll be able to have a £25 budget again. 

Much Love 

Budget Mom xxxxx